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2009 / 2011 - Design Products MA - Royal College of Art - London
Dissertation on the subject of futuristic extrapolations: High pass mention.

2006 / 2007 - Postgraduate exchange program with the National Superior School of Decorative Arts of Paris at DECOBI Art and Craft School of Fujimi (Japan).

2004 / 2006 - Product Design BA hons. - National Superior School of Decorative Arts - Paris.
Dissertation on the subject of eco-conception.

2001 / 2004 - Product Design BA hons. - Superior School of Art and Design - Reims (France).


PRIN - London - 2013 / ongoing
Founder, artistic director, product designer, maker
> Creation of RUST, a hand-made homeware collection made of recycled metal dust and gypsum based materials.

The Institute of Making, The Saturday Market Project, The Dock of Tom Dixon, Victoria & Albert Museum (London), Bensimon Gallery (Paris), Plus Tova shop (Sofia, Bulgaria) - 2012 / 2015
Manager, organiser
> Workshops around the theme of upcycling.

ENSA School - Limoges (France) - 2014
Tutor, organiser
> Workshop around the processes of small scale production with paper clay in collaboration with Anne Xiradakis at the Moulin du Got, a traditional paper mill.

Actiondog - London - 2013
Product designer
> Concept development, 3D modelling and visualisation of a line of products made with waste materials generated by hotels, to refurbish hotels for the InterContinental Hotels Group.

Design Centrum Kielce - Kielce (Poland) - 2012
Designer in residence
> Development of Water Cups Fountain project. Experimental work on a new mechanical system for producing patterns on porcelain cups.

Shop at Willesden Green - London - 2012
Owner, manager, product designer, maker
> The shop was used as a retail / workshop space where I was making and showing how to make objects using waste materials given by local businesses.

Royal College of Art - London - 2011
Tutor, organiser
> Sustainibalising the RCA workshop. The aim was to show the potential of design in transforming systems and services, using the school as a place to generate sustainable opportunities.

Siléa - Paris - 2007
Product designer
> Concept development, 3D modelling, visualisation and technical drawings of furniture pieces for the interior of Trousselier flower shop in Paris.

Quiksilver - Saint Jean de Luz (France) - 2007
Product designer
> Participation of a collaborative workshop on the conception of innovative and ecologic programs of advertising.

Vertilignes - Paris - 2006
Product designer
> Concept development, mock-ups, 3D modelling and visualisation of a collection of products for a vertical vegetable growth technology in collaboration with Mathieu Jacobs, biologist.

Gautier Meubles - Le Boupère (France) - 2005
Product designer
> Collaborative workshop on the development of life concepts for teenager’s bedrooms.

La Grande Epicerie de Paris - Paris - 2004
Food designer
> Design of a pastry, on sale at the Grande Epicerie of Paris.


Noor Fares - London - 2016
Freelance product designer
> 3D modelling and visualisation of jewellery collections.

Jasper Conran - London - 2013 / 2016
Freelance product designer
> Concept development, mock-ups, 3D modelling, visualisation and product development of:
- leather goods, including bags, accessories and gifts
- tableware, cookware and gift ranges in porcelain, wood and glass for Wedgwood and crystal for Waterford
- wicker furniture
- shoes
- perfume bottles

Other People’s Sculpture - London - 2015
Freelance model maker
> Collaboration on the making of monumental sculptures, realisation of resin and silicon moulds.

Capucine Puerari - Paris - 2013
Freelance product designer
> Research of concepts and designs for a competition on a new perfume bottle for Louis Vuitton.

David Amar Studio - London - 2012
Freelance product designer
> Mock-ups, 3D modelling, visualisation and technical drawings of bespoke furniture.

Livity - London - 2011
Freelance graphic designer
> Set of illustrations on sustainability influences for Nike Better World.

Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance - Paris - 2009
Freelance product designer
> Project lead, product designer and production manager for the Marée noire au clair de lune (Oil spill under the moonlight) exhibition at Pierre Bergé Gallery, Brussels.
> 3D modelling, visualisation and design development of furniture pieces and other homeware goods for W Hotels, Cinna, Zanotta and Ligne Roset.
> Graphic design and production management for the Cassina window scenography in Paris.

Mathieu Lehanneur - Paris - 2008
Freelance product designer
> Graphic design and 3D modelling of the window display for Cartier USA 100 years anniversary.

Eric Benqué - Paris - 2008
Freelance product designer
> Material sourcing for the interior design of a yacht.

Godefroy de Virieu - Paris - 2008
Freelance product designer
> Design of a collection of products made by Cambodian artisans for Artisans d’Angkor firm.

Au delà de l’idée - Paris - 2008
Freelance product designer
> Research of concepts for a glorifier tasting of the Paradis Hennessy cognac bottle.

Malherbe Retail Design - Paris - 2007
Freelance product designer
> Concept development and illustration of designs for whisky bottles, giftware, glassware, packaging and bottle display for Glenmorangie.

Claudio Colucci Design - Paris - 2005
> 3D modeling and production reporting for the 1+1 = 3 generation exhibition at the Mouvements Modernes gallery.


Softwares - Rhinoceros, Modo, KeyShot, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, Microsoft Office.

Languages - French: native language, English: advanced in oral, reading, writing.

Physical - Model-making, rapid prototyping, cardboard, foam, resin, wood, metal, glass, porcelain, leather, sewing.

Others - Confident in developing design concepts and production management. Materials knowledge and problem solving skills. Hard working, very organised and self-motivated team player.


International Biennale of Ceramic of Vallauris - Vallauris (France) - 2014
> Water Cups Fountain project. Winner in the "Containers" section.

6th Recycling Design Prize - Herford (Germany) - 2013
> From Here For Here project. Shortlisted.

RCA Sustain Award - London - 2011
> From Here For Here project. Shortlisted.

Olympic Podium Competition - London - 2011
> Design proposal for the 2012 Olympic Podium in collaboration with designer James Tooze. Finalist, 2nd place.

James Dyson Award - Paris - 2007
> Yourban Garden project. Shortlisted.

France 3 Competition - Paris - 2006
> Design proposal of a new television news decoration set in collaboration with designer Gwenaëlle Girard. Shortlisted.

Cart’com Competition - Paris - 2005
> New design of postcards shelves. Winner.

Prix Cogedim de la Première Oeuvre - Paris - 2005
> Conception and production of a sculpture on the theme of the dance in anamorphosis. Winner.